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Entrepreneur based in SE Asia
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Let me know if you think we ought to get to know each other...

  • Music:

I like music of all ages and cultures and I am open for new music at any time.

  • Movies:

comedy and action

  • TV:

TV not really needed for me - maybe the news...

  • Books:

the book I wrote... and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all Harry Potter books

  • Sports:

not crazy about sports

  • Interests:

Travel, Friends, Good Food, Weekend Trips

  • Dreams: enjoy the rest of my life as much as possible... and hopefully to still find a young soulmate to thoroughly share this with: someone intelligent, very open minded, somewhat adventurous, independent and ... well, the sky is the limit! To find true mutual love is probably my ultimate dream - and I am aware that you can look for it and never find it, or you can find it without ever looking for it... so I'm still searching for a heart of gold, and I'm getting old... Drop me a line if you want to know more!

  • Best Features:

Optimistic, open minded, never say never, very caring, good sense of humour... I like to laugh and believe the best makeup on the face of a woman is a genuine smile!

  • About Me:

I love to explore new places, new countries, new people... I have so far been to some 50 different countries... and I want to see a few more! I have my own businesses (in food, fashion, healthcare & entertainment) and enjoy a great deal of freedom.

  • One more thing...:

I don't like piercings and tattoos... I don't smoke and I prefer others not to smoke! Still I accept that everybody can and should do (and believe) whatever he (or she) likes. I don't want to change other people and I don't want others try to change me!!! I accept everyone the way he or she is, but of course it does not mean I like or even love everybody - I just accept that people are the way they are, and that nobody can sensibly blame them for the way they are!

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